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Toe Stand

Our Mission

Our goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ with our dancers, their families, and our community through the teaching of ballet techniques.

Sharing the Love of Christ

Each dancer will experience the truth of God's love through prayer, scripture reading, and learning that dance is a gift God has given to glorify Him.  All Bible instruction is geared towards creating disciples who make disciples. To learn more about the Bible instruction for each class level, go here.

Teaching Ballet Technique

We strive to provide quality ballet technique for ages 3 years and older. Each level has a curriculum that is appropriate for each level. To learn more about the ballet curriculum, go here.

Our Core

John 17 records Jesus praying for his disciples. His prayer is the core of how our studio operates. We use the 7 disciplines of a disciple maker to:

1) Grow Relationships- we focus on growing relationships between the teachers and the dancers, between the parents, between dancers at all levels, and between our dancers and the community.

2) Share our Knowledge of Christ- we share the Word of God through the Spirit of God and help our dancers learn how to apply it to life


3) Pray for our Dancers- the Board, teachers, and parents are asked to pray over and with the dancers in every class, performance, and activity.  

4) Protect our Dancers- we make all efforts to provide a safe environment and experience for our dancers through Christ-centered music, appropriate costuming, and open communication between the Board and families.

5) Involve our Dancers- a key element of discipleship is service therefore, we create opportunities for dancers to serve one another within the studio and in our community through various performances and acts of community service. Parents also serve through many volunteer opportunities. 

6) Sanctify- we want our dancers to know that God created them because He loves them and has a special plan for them. In a chaotic world, they can be set apart to use their gift to express the overpowering love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

7) Share Hope- our dancers will know that we serve a risen Savior that will one day return for His believers. We want our dancers to know that they have a rightful place as heirs with Christ and their goal in dancing is to show our community there is hope. 



Winchester Christian Ballet is a parent-led ballet school. The Board consists of four parents and the studio manager. 

  • Chairman of the Board: Rhonda Geogerian, (859) 556-1041

  • Board members: Ashley Higgins, Rhonda Geogerian, and Nichole Sparks

The Board is always looking for parents who want to share in our mission. Volunteer Opportunities: Costume Design and Coordination, Backstage Coordinator, Set Design, Lights, Sound, Program Layout, Advertising, Desktop Publishing, Promotions (Website & Print), Board Members, Communications, and Weekly Cleaning.

If you would like more information about being on the Board or serving as a volunteer, please email us! 

Ministry Outreach

Our dancers are encouraged to take their faith to our community in 3 main ways:

1) Annual Performance

2) Ministry Team- dancers have the opportunity to perform at local assisted living homes, nursing homes, and churches

3) Tithe- a love offering is collected from each annual performance. 10% of the offering is then given to another outreach within the community. This year, we donated to the Clark County Community Center.

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